Personal Training

My 1 to 1 Personal Trainer sessions will mainly focus on boxing and fitness. I will tailor each session to you, the individual. If there is anything that you are struggling with, as a Personal Trainer I will adapt it accordingly until you can achieve it. I will be there every step of your journey to hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

What will a session look like?
To start, I will go through a basic warm up which we can adapt to your ability if needed. This is so your muscles are warmed and ready to work.

Then I will either do a circuit which will focus on strength and conditioning for you. We may focus on particular body parts (for example, arms) or we will work on some footwork drills. Each session will be different and varied as I want to make sure that I am covering all your goals and keeping you interested.

We will then go through the basic punches and focus on footwork and stance which is very important to ensure you are safe from injury. Once you have got to grips with this and feel more confident about putting this into practice, we will then go through some basic boxing combinations.

After the first session, we will have a consultation where we will put a plan in place of what you want to achieve, what you feel your goals are. We will go over this every 3 weeks to make sure you are on track. We can make changes if they are needed, like for example, when you manage something you couldn’t before.

As you progress through your training, I will also increase the intensity of your workouts. My commitment to you means I will constantly assess your capabilities and fitness levels as they improve, so we can adjust your workouts as you progress, helping you to reach your potential.

What my clients say

“I loved working with Jude, who is a Personal Trainer based in Liverpool. I signed up to her 28 Day challenge and thought it was great it, its a vibrant atmosphere, small group with a Personal Trainer who listens and helps you achieve your goals. I have lost half a stone on my journey, my fitness level has gone up a notch and my confidence has grown with each session”

Where can I sign up?

Please email me at for more information and look out for my up coming offers page.