JD Boxing

Your first session

At the first session we will sit down and have a chat where we will put a plan in place of what you want to achieve, what you feel your goals are. We will go over this every few weeks to make sure you are on track and talk about any issues you may have. We can make changes as you learn what you enjoy the most. We will also discuss any limitations you may have.

7 Day Plan

We will set an initial
7 day plan with some goals to achieve in your first week. These are usually small goals to start you off.

30 Day Plan

We will set a 30 day
plan which will have
more long term goals on it. These are bigger goals and will be reviewed monthly.

90 Day Plan

We will set a 90 day plan which will have your ultimate goal on it. The 30 day plan will work toward this.

What does a typical session look like?

A session would typically be a basic warm up which we can adapt to your ability.

Then we would begin learning the correct boxing stance and basic punches, working on technique to ensure your safety. Once you have mastered that we will begin to learn basic combinations to get you moving and your heart rate up. We will use a mixture of pad work with me, bag work and sprints. As your experience increases the boxing combinations will become more difficult and you will learn blocking and new shots.

As you progress through your training, the intensity of your workouts to increase your fitness. My commitment to you means I will constantly assess your capabilities and fitness levels as they improve.

Please email me at info@jfjpersonaltrainerliverpool.com for more information and have a look at the rest of my site for more of an idea of what I can do for you.

Since starting training, I feel much calmer and confident, I also feel stronger, healthier and have managed to lose weight without that being my original intention.

I have tried diets and gyms before to lose weight but lost enthusiasm, learning a new skill has given me more focus on than just the scales. Training with Jude has been a worthwhile investment in myself.


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