Family sessions

I am a qualified personal trainer in South Liverpool and I offer flexible affordable training plans, block booking and 7 day a week access.

my family sessions will mainly focus on boxing and fitness and fun. I will tailor each session to your family.

You may not have specific goals as a family, however you may have individual goals to chase and as a family want somewhere that you can all train together.

What our first session look like?

To start, you would go through a basic warm up which we can adapt to your ability. This is so your muscles are warmed and ready to work.

Then you would either do a circuit which will focus on strength and conditioning or you would begin to learn the correct boxing stance footwork drills. Your circuit would focus on particular body parts (for example, arms, core or cardio) and the footwork drills allow you to learn the balance keep you safe from injury. Each session will be different and varied so that I ensure I am covering all your goals and keeping you interested.

You will then be guided through the basic punches with the footwork and stance and each have a turn working with me or on the punch bags. This is something that you will improve on quickly. Once you have got to grips with this and feel more confident about putting this into practice, we will then go through some basic boxing combinations and learn to hold the pads so we can use partner work as part of our sessions. This is a great way to keep everyone having fun.

What happens then?

After the first session, we will all sit down and have a consultation where we will put a plan in place of what your family wants to achieve. These may be individual or group targets or just the need for some fun sessions in fitness. We will go over this every 3 weeks to make sure you are on track and talk about any issues you may have. We can make changes as your fitness increases and you learn what you enjoy the most.

As you progress through your training, the intensity of your workouts will increase with your fitness. My commitment to you means I will constantly assess your capabilities and fitness levels as they improve, helping you to reach your potential.

Please email me at for more information and have a look at the rest of my site for more of an idea of what I can do for you.