About me

Hi I’m Jude.

I love working with people to overcome the barriers that hold them back from being the person they want to be. I do this through training, confidence building and setting goals.

Most importantly, I know how they feel because I have been on that same journey.

In the past I always wanted to do boxing training but I could never find the courage. I was very overweight, unhappy and completely devalued myself as a person. After seeing photographs of myself on holiday, I decided I had to do something about it.

So, I changed my diet and started to train, using weights and strength training combined with boxercise. I lost a huge amount of weight and I found a new passion. It had become a good habit in my life, so I decided to start my qualifications so I could help others.

If you want to read more about my personal journey, click here.

Boxing Coach

I am a certified Box ‘n’ Burn
boxing trainer, taught by
olympian Tony Jeffries.

NLP Practitioner

I am a certified Neuro
Linguistic practitioner
helping my clients change
their mental habits.

Personal Trainer

I am a qualified PT working
with clients using cardio,
boxing and weights.

Youth Worker

Working with young people
at Warrington Youth Zone with
a special interest in mental
health and SEND.

I have a special interest in mental health and working with people who are ASD. I have several clients who have come to me wanting to get fitter but who struggled with their condition. I don’t want someones weight, anxiety or ASD to be a barrier like it was for me.

I’d recommend anyone to give JD Fitness Journey a try – it’s really helped me to make good changes in my life.

Jude’s 1 to 1 sessions are great for building your confidence in doing exercise, it’s given me more energy, is a great stress reliever and is actually fun! I’ve just signed up for more sessions and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress in my inch loss / weight loss.